eye(n_rows: int, n_cols: Optional[int] = None, /, *, k: int = 0, dtype: Optional[dtype] = None, device: Optional[device] = None) array

Returns a two-dimensional array with ones on the k h diagonal and zeros elsewhere.

  • n_rows (int) – number of rows in the output array.

  • n_cols (Optional[int]) – number of columns in the output array. If None, the default number of columns in the output array is equal to n_rows. Default: None.

  • k (int) – index of the diagonal. A positive value refers to an upper diagonal, a negative value to a lower diagonal, and 0 to the main diagonal. Default: 0.

  • dtype (Optional[dtype]) – output array data type. If dtype is None, the output array data type must be the default floating-point data type. Default: None.

  • device (Optional[device]) – device on which to place the created array. Default: None.


out (array) – an array where all elements are equal to zero, except for the k h diagonal, whose values are equal to one.