argmax(x: array, /, *, axis: Optional[int] = None, keepdims: bool = False) array

Returns the indices of the maximum values along a specified axis. When the maximum value occurs multiple times, only the indices corresponding to the first occurrence are returned.

  • x (array) – input array. Should have a numeric data type.

  • axis (Optional[int]) – axis along which to search. If None, the function must return the index of the maximum value of the flattened array. Default: None.

  • keepdims (bool) – if True, the reduced axes (dimensions) must be included in the result as singleton dimensions, and, accordingly, the result must be compatible with the input array (see Broadcasting). Otherwise, if False, the reduced axes (dimensions) must not be included in the result. Default: False.


out (array) – if axis is None, a zero-dimensional array containing the index of the first occurrence of the maximum value; otherwise, a non-zero-dimensional array containing the indices of the maximum values. The returned array must have be the default array index data type.