any(x: array, /, *, axis: Optional[Union[int, Tuple[int, ...]]] = None, keepdims: bool = False) array

Tests whether any input array element evaluates to True along a specified axis.


Positive infinity, negative infinity, and NaN must evaluate to True.


If x is an empty array or the size of the axis (dimension) along which to evaluate elements is zero, the test result must be False.

  • x (array) – input array.

  • axis (Optional[Union[int, Tuple[int, ...]]]) – axis or axes along which to perform a logical OR reduction. By default, a logical OR reduction must be performed over the entire array. If a tuple of integers, logical OR reductions must be performed over multiple axes. A valid axis must be an integer on the interval [-N, N), where N is the rank (number of dimensions) of x. If an axis is specified as a negative integer, the function must determine the axis along which to perform a reduction by counting backward from the last dimension (where -1 refers to the last dimension). If provided an invalid axis, the function must raise an exception. Default: None.

  • keepdims (bool) – If True, the reduced axes (dimensions) must be included in the result as singleton dimensions, and, accordingly, the result must be compatible with the input array (see Broadcasting). Otherwise, if False, the reduced axes (dimensions) must not be included in the result. Default: False.


out (array) – if a logical OR reduction was performed over the entire array, the returned array must be a zero-dimensional array containing the test result; otherwise, the returned array must be a non-zero-dimensional array containing the test results. The returned array must have a data type of bool.