concat(arrays: Tuple[array, ...] | List[array], /, *, axis: int | None = 0) array

Joins a sequence of arrays along an existing axis.

  • arrays (Union[Tuple[array, ...], List[array]]) – input arrays to join. The arrays must have the same shape, except in the dimension specified by axis.

  • axis (Optional[int]) – axis along which the arrays will be joined. If axis is None, arrays must be flattened before concatenation. If axis is negative, the function must determine the axis along which to join by counting from the last dimension. Default: 0.


out (array) – an output array containing the concatenated values. If the input arrays have different data types, normal Type Promotion Rules must apply. If the input arrays have the same data type, the output array must have the same data type as the input arrays.


This specification leaves type promotion between data type families (i.e., intxx and floatxx) unspecified.